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Babe Bike Mud Desert Sun Fun - we say hell yeah ! Have a good day !

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A few picts from last month trip to visit Untitled Motorcycles and Spirit of the Seventies. Had a great time, best BBQ ever.

The rest is here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151097263198590.436807.106911513589&type=1

Today we received coverage by the excellent Bike Exif, and made the front shelf of Issuu.
We really have to thank you all for the support ! We did not know what to expect by putting this magazine online. We are tremendously happy that our efforts to picture the spirit that we like, to share our love of riding is so well received. We will personally thank all of you who kindly emailed us, just give us some time. You make this possible !

Aujourd’hui nous sommes repris sur la page de l’excellent Bike Exif et le team d’Issu nous a placé en ‘front shelf’
Nous tenons vraiment à vous remercier tous pour le support. On ne savait pas vraiment à quoi s’attendre en mettant le mag en ligne, mais tous nos efforts pour illustrer cet esprit et le plaisir de rouler qu’on aime tant en images semblent payer. Nous répondrons personnellement à tous ceux qui nous ont envoyé des messages, on a juste besoin d’un peu de temps oO. Vous rendez tout ceci possible !

Thanks, merci [stay true]