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Quick flashback on our trip to meet the awesome @untitled motorcycles and Spirit of the Seventies ! We smell the roadtrip season coming !

Petrol, Food, Beer … hu yeah, and the world ! Superb Edit by Make your Bones // ENJOY !


On Any Spiritual Sunday - Thanks to everyone who turned out for our BBQ yesterday, it was great to meet up with friends, old and new. I only picked my camera up at the very beginning and end of the day so my pics don’t it justice, I’ll get more up soon. Special thanks to Tara and Jacqueline for ‘manning’ the BBQ, Toby for all of his help and commissioning the Ducati GTR! Ralph for bringing his beautiful Mule, Tim for riding down from Doncaster and especially the www.truebikerspirit.com crew, Fred, Séb and Jon who came over from Belgium! We had a great day and we’ll definitely be firing up the BBQ again soon. 

Great event, great place, no fuzz, a bunch of passionates !

Monkees Episode 3 -> ouch

Monkees episode two, what a bunch !

May 2012, Nepal, coming back to the Lumbini Village Lodge (http://wikitravel.org/en/Lumbini#b) in Lumbini, Nepal, I immediately spotted these two wheelers in the courtyard.

Started to check them out, these two where obviously set on a serious trip, enough to get me mouth watering and grab the cam.

That is when I met Drew and Ryan, two Australians respectively traveling from Adelaide and Melbourne to London, they hooked up on a forum and when they bumped into each other again in Pokhara, they decided to share the road for a while.

Hopefully their wheels will bring them around here and we’ll have more time to discuss, who knows we might want to join them to London !

In the meantime, if you’re stuck in your office chair and want to escape, check out their blogs:

The Super Trip of Awesome: http://ryanbeales.blogspot.com/

Vescapade: http://www.facebook.com/Vescapade